Sunday, January 01, 2012

Wii is a stupid name.

It's the new year. Yeah, like 6 days ago. Anyways I had just recently bought a Wii and of course, I got Skywards Sword. Hellz yeah, I got it. I've always thought the Wii was a nightmare of a video game console. Which still, in my eyes, still is (sort of). Video games to me were the reason I should be lazy as hell and just chill. I hate physical exertion; my body disagrees with me when I'm moving a lot. It's not like I want to be lazy, it's just how my body reacts to moving, getting tired, and sweating. And seriously, who would want to be around me when I'm sweating? That's right, no one. But, the Wii is just how I can get my hands on Nintendo games.
I'm a big fan of Nintendo. I had the original Gameboy, Gameboy SP, and Nintendo DS Lite. I never bought a N64 or Gamecube. I had a PS1 and I grew up loving Crash Bandicoot. But even before we had the PS1 we had a Famicom. My experience with the Famicom is kind of blurry because ours was sold when I was 5. All I remembered was a bunch of Japanese games and Super Mario. Mario, Goombas, Pipes, Mushrooms, etc. are embedded in my mind as a happy thought and memory. And I played though Super Mario Bros. Wii I had that same feeling of frustrations and fun. It's cool now that I have a new and proper Nintendo console and the Wii is a big 1UP from the Famicom. I guess, what I'm trying to say is: even though I have had bitch slapped this console for years, there's just one thing that made me want to have one, and that's the games. The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros., Metroid, etc, are the reasons I got one. They are enjoyable and though they are modern games I still get the sense of nostalgia in them.

To sum it all up: I think the Wii is a stupid name and the thing is a piece shit. But, you know what? That thing is my shit.

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  1. I like Nintendo's most of gaming devices. Yeah, 'Wii' is weird name but it does not much matter in technology world.
    r4 revolution